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Popular Drinks of India State wise

Here’s a list of popular drinks from different states in India:

  1. Kashmir:
    • Kahwa: A traditional Kashmiri saffron tea with green tea leaves, saffron, and spices like cardamom and cinnamon.
  2. Punjab:
    • Lassi: A yogurt-based drink available in sweet or salty variations.
    • Chaas: Buttermilk seasoned with spices like cumin and black salt.
  3. Gujarat:
    • Chhaas: Spiced buttermilk.
    • Aam Ras: A sweet mango puree.
  4. Kerala:
    • Toddy: A traditional alcoholic beverage made from coconut palm sap.
    • Sambharam: Spiced buttermilk.
  5. Maharashtra:
    • Sol Kadhi: A tangy drink made from kokum fruit and coconut milk.
    • Piyush: A creamy drink made from yogurt and shrikhand.
  6. Tamil Nadu:
    • Filter Coffee: Strong coffee brewed with spices, served with milk and sugar.
    • Jigarthanda: A sweet, cooling drink made with milk, almond gum, and ice cream.
  7. West Bengal:
    • Kolkata Chai: Sweet, milky tea.
    • Borhani: A spicy and tangy drink often served during special occasions.
  8. Rajasthan:
    • Chai: Spiced tea with cardamom and ginger.
    • Masala Lassi: Lassi with added spices like cumin and black salt.
  9. Uttar Pradesh:
    • Thandai: A milk-based drink with spices, often enjoyed during Holi.
    • Bel Sharbat: A drink made from wood apple pulp.
  10. Andhra Pradesh:
    • Nannari Sherbet: A refreshing drink made from the roots of the Indian Sarsaparilla plant.
    • Mango Lassi: Lassi with mango puree.
  11. Himachal Pradesh:
    • Bhutte Ka Shorba: Corn soup with spices.
    • Gur Gur Chai: A sweet tea made with jaggery.
  12. Assam:
    • Assam Tea: Known for its strong and flavorful black tea.
    • Apong: Traditional rice beer.
  13. Bihar:
    • Sattu: A nutritious drink made from roasted gram flour.
    • Bhang: A traditional drink made from cannabis seeds and leaves, consumed during festivals.
  14. Jammu and Kashmir:
    • Kehwa: A traditional Kashmiri saffron tea.
    • Noon Chai: A salty pink tea often served with bread and butter.
  15. Goa:
    • Feni: A cashew or coconut-based alcoholic spirit.
    • Kokum Juice: A tangy drink made from kokum fruit.

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