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List of Condiments of India State wise

India’s diverse culinary landscape is accompanied by a wide range of condiments and chutneys that vary from state to state. Here’s a list of some common condiments and chutneys you’ll find in different Indian states:

  1. Delhi:
    • Mint Chutney: A spicy and tangy chutney made from fresh mint leaves and green chilies.
  2. Maharashtra:
    • Thecha: A fiery chutney made from green chilies and garlic.
    • Tamatar Chutney: A tomato-based sweet and tangy chutney.
  3. Gujarat:
    • Dhania Pudina Chutney: A fresh coriander and mint chutney.
    • Gathiya Chutney: A tamarind-based chutney served with snacks like gathiya.
  4. West Bengal:
    • Mustard Sauce: Spicy mustard-based sauce used in various Bengali dishes.
    • Kasundi: A pungent fermented mustard sauce.
  5. Tamil Nadu:
    • Coconut Chutney: A mild, creamy chutney made from coconut and green chilies.
    • Tomato Thokku: A tangy and spicy tomato pickle.
  6. Rajasthan:
    • Lehsun Chutney: A garlic chutney often served with Dal Baati Churma.
    • Mango Pickle: Spicy and tangy pickle made from raw mangoes.
  7. Punjab:
    • Tamarind Chutney: Sweet and tangy chutney made from tamarind and jaggery.
    • Mint Raita: Yogurt-based dip with mint and spices.
  8. Kerala:
    • Coconut Sambal: A coconut-based chutney with mustard seeds and curry leaves.
    • Inji Curry: Ginger pickle with jaggery and tamarind.
  9. Andhra Pradesh:
    • Pesarattu Chutney: Chutney served with green gram dosa.
    • Gongura Chutney: Made from sour sorrel leaves.
  10. Uttar Pradesh:
    • Aam Ki Launji: Sweet and tangy mango pickle.
    • Kalaunji Chutney: Chutney made from onion seeds (nigella seeds).
  11. Kolkata, West Bengal:
    • Kasundi: A mustard sauce with spices and green mango.
    • Gondhoraj Lebu Kheer: A fragrant lime-based chutney.
  12. Karnataka:
    • Coconut Chutney: Often served with dosa and idli.
    • Gojju: A sweet, sour, and spicy tamarind-based condiment.
  13. Bihar:
    • Bihari Sattu Chutney: Made from roasted gram flour and spices.
    • Tomato Chutney: Tangy chutney with tomatoes and spices.
  14. Assam:
    • Bhoot Jolokia Chutney: Made from the fiery ghost pepper.
    • Tenga: A sour fish curry served as a side.
  15. Jammu and Kashmir:
    • Muji Gaad: A radish-based pickle.
    • Kahwa: A traditional Kashmiri saffron tea.

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